Graduate Translator

I was born on 27th June 1950 in Meaux (in today’s department of Seine-et-Marne, approx. 70 km east of Paris) and spent my childhood near Pau in south-western France, in the region of Aquitaine, formerly in the possession of the kings of England. ...

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References at a glance

ARTE: TV technology, high-quality articles, production contracts in the media
BENDER & PARTNER: Wide range of legal texts
BERENDT: Photography - Cultural, journalistic, commercial and technical aspects ...

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My Work Philosophy

Contrary to a practice that is common within the translation industry, I do not on principle subcontract any work to third parties. You can therefore always be certain that once you have placed your order the work will be carried out by my own efforts alone without the intervention of anyone else. ...

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What my clients have to say (cf. references)

  • “… We are very satisfied with the quality of his translations and we will continue in future to collaborate with Mr Jeannot when the need arises ...”


     “Mr Jeannot has carried out the translations with which he was entrusted with the greatest care and punctuality. In addition, he has tackled translation problems with a great sense of language and creativity.”

  • “… Mr Jeannot translates with the greatest expertise, linguistic sensitivity and exceptional creativity ...”


     “… In particular, the translations of the extremely varied texts from the above-mentioned journal have met with especially positive feedback from the readership ...”

  • “… His valuable contribution to the treatment of English and German-language documents in the field of law, economics, technology, informatics and trade-union policy has always provided me with indispensable support, which I am delighted to make frequent use of when required and can unreservedly recommend ...”

  • “… We were extremely satisfied with your work …”


     “… Over the past 25 years he has always carried out the translations assigned to him with the greatest diligence, punctuality and expertise, marking him out as an extremely reliable contractor …”

  • “… Mr Jeannot always delivers his translations on schedule and in a form that is irreproachable …”


     “… We are extremely satisfied with Mr Jeannot’s work. We have come to value in particular the high quality of his output when working on highly complex specialist texts in the field of environmental sociology while strictly observing the deadlines set …”

  • “… Mr Jeannot’s translations are accurate, well researched and stylistically extremely polished ...”


     “… His sound knowledge of political issues and developments in addition to his wide range of knowledge and education guarantee that his translations are carefully prepared and precisely formulated …”

  • “… By consulting directly with our specialists in France you have handled this task extraordinarily well and without hitch ...”


     “… The essential point, however, is that you have been able to adapt intelligently to our clients’ language, which constitutes the intrinsic value of a translation. We will certainly be calling on your services for future projects ...”

  • “… Along with this specialist expertise, his excellent computer skills have also helped guarantee that the tasks assigned to him were carried out smoothly …”


     “… Throughout our many years working extensively together, we have learnt to appreciate Mr Jeannot’s precision and complete reliability …”

  • “… His quick intellectual grasp, coupled with a constant readiness to learn and a keen sense of language, allows him to take in complex material and convey it into stylistically elegant French ...”


     “… Mr Jeannot carried out this work to our entire satisfaction …”

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