My areas of specialisation

My areas of specialisation My Work Philosophy
Documentation on paramedic equipment
Documentations sur des appareils paramédicaux
Contrary to a practice that is common within the translation industry, I do not on principle subcontract any work to third parties. You can therefore always be certain that once you have placed your order the work will be carried out by my own efforts alone without the intervention of anyone else. Subcontracting or farming out work, as is often practised elsewhere, brings with it the risk that the quality of the work is reduced at every stage of subcontracting and that the principal contractor has to vouch for external translators and that the discretion required is not guaranteed. All these considerations are in direct contradiction with my ideals and my mission as a translator.
The long-term relationships towards which I strive with my clients should be based on transparency, mutual trust and reliability. It is for this reason that I only take on work that I can carry out to the highest standards of quality, on schedule and to your complete satisfaction.
TV technology, high-quality articles, production contracts in the media
Technique TV, articles de haut niveau, contrats de production dans les médias
Photography - Cultural, journalistic, commercial and technical aspects
Photographie - Aspects culturels, journalistiques, commerciaux et techniques

Wide range of legal texts

Textes juridiques de tout type
Computerized technical and marketing texts
Textes informatiques à vocation technique et commerciale

Political documentation, parliamentary texts and motions

Documentations politiques, textes et motions parlementaires
Social sciences in the field of the environment
Sciences sociales dans l’environnement
Texts relating to development policy
Textes relatifs à la politique de développement
Presentations of scientific institutes for a database
Présentation d'instituts scientifiques pour une banque de données
Texts on trade union policy and economics
Politique syndicale et textes économiques
Training literature on the use of EDP programs
Supports de cours informatiques pour l’utilisation de logiciels
Technical texts for advertising purposes
Textes techniques conditionnés à des fins publicitaires
Texts on organisation and programmes in preparation for film festivals
Textes préalables à l'organisation et à la programmation de festivals du cinéma

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